The center for training and safety in building sector 
Has been opened also in Amman

The Cooperation Project funded by the Italian Agency AICS (Applicant Gubbio Municipality), started at the beginning of 2018 with the first training course for trainers realized in Perugia, and went on for almost two years realizing other three courses for about 50 trainers from Palestine and Jordan.

Last 22th of September in Amman the second main Project objective has been achieved: the opening of the Center for training and safety in Jordan.

The school has been inaugurated by a notable institutional delegation.

Among the others representatives of Institutions, there were the Jordanian Minister of Public Works  Falah Emush, the President of Association of building Companies Ahmad Al Yaqub and the President of Association of Engineers Ahmad S. Al Zoubi, the Italian Ambassador in Amman Fabio Cassese, the Director of the Jordanian Office of AICS Michele Morana and the Director of local ICE Filippo Covino.

From Italy arrived the Mayor of Gubbio Filippo Mario Stirati and the Project RUP Matteo Morelli, the President and the Director of CESF Bernardetta Radicchi and Cristiana Bartolucci,  Fausto Marionni as representative of Gubbio University of Bricklayers and of ANCE.

The same day started the first course in the new Center addressed to 10 Safety Managers for building sites (that will go on till the 1st of October).

The teachers from CESF present in Amman (Laura Galli, Marco Ambrogi, Nicola Manuali e Roberto Munzi), were supported by 10 of the participants to the courses organized last year in Perugia, who will  be the trainers of the Jordanian school.

The main objective of the course is to  teach managers the basic elements for organize and manage a building site according to the international safety standards, and to teach trainers the skills for manage a training course. The Center will soon start independent activity, managed by the Jordanian coordinator Eng. Adnan Al-Sawair.

The main results underlined by the local Institutions during the inauguration are mostly linked to  the benefits for Jordanian building Companies and workers, particularly in relation to improving safety on construction sites.

From the point of view of Italian participants the main Project results are linked to the international enhancement of competences of CESF and University of Bricklayers, as well as  open up significant opportunities for Umbrian companies in the construction sector and for all related industries.

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