A delegation from Italy, made up of representatives of the Municipality of Gubbio, ANCE and CESF of Perugia, participated last Thursday in the final Safebuilder event held at the headquarters of the Training Safety Center in Ramallah. “After a work that lasted over four years, which not even the pandemic has interrupted – underlined the Consul General of Italy in Jerusalem, Giuseppe Fedele – the fact of being together here, with classrooms, didactic laboratory and school yard equipped and functioning, to delivering the certificates of qualification to teach seven new trainers testifies to the success of a project that will make it possible to face more effectively the decisive challenge of occupational safety also in Palestine ”. A positive outcome reported by the numerous representatives of the Italian and Palestinian partners of the project present at the event. Arrived from Italy, they were in Ramallah, the president of ANCE of Perugia Moreno Spaccia, the vice president and the director of CESF (Centro Edile per la Sicurezza e la Formazione) of Perugia Stefano Paloni and Cristiana Bartolucci (the president of CESF, Agostino Giovannini, participated in videoconference) and for the Municipality of Gubbio the manager Raoul Caldarelli and the councilor Simona Minelli. Present, together with the Consul General, the director of the AICS headquarters in Jerusalem (Italian Agency for Development Cooperation) Guglielmo Giordano, who addressed in particular the President of the PCU – National Association of Palestinian Builders, Ahmad Al Qadi and the representative of the Palestinian Ministry of Labor, Firas Abu Hammad reminding them that, with the Training Center in place, Palestinian teachers qualified to train those responsible for occupational safety on construction sites and all the teaching materials in Arabic, it would be up to them to give continuity to the activities started with the project, while ensuring that Italy would continue to guarantee its support. Great satisfaction expressed by CESF of Perugia who managed all the training activities and guaranteed the technical quality of the project, the President Giovannini in connection from Italy and the Vice President Paloni have particularly thanked the director Bartolucci and the trainers Laura Galli, Marco Ambrogi, Nicola Manuali and Leonardo Cruciani, who also organized and directed the last training course held in Ramallah in the previous two weeks.

The event concluded with the delivery of the qualification certificates to the new trainers and updating to the trainers already active.